Wall Street Autumn

The Global Autumn Revolution has according to AdBusters started at Wall Street. AdBusters and the demonstrators gets sympathy much because of a common sense of crisis – common to almost everyone in the US. The Occupy Wall street movement inspire and engage people – especially the children of the flower power generation I belive.

These “kids” grew up with hippie moms and dads in the 70s and have tremendous high self-esteem without necessarily a well thought plan for clarifying the strategic goal for a future collective vision. It seems like One step at a time is their tactic. Here is a an example on what have been megaphoned out at Wall Street this week (I dare you: watch the live stream).

” I just want to say that we wanna shut down Wall Street and.. like.. make a new system thats better and appreciate quality for us all, and that we also have to learn how to live with bless… and also keep protesting against consumerism!”

WTF quality?! Can you dig it? Or is this just a quasi hippie 2.0 hype – without any pervasive content and a lack of reality perception? Why not demand increased spendings on research technology and proactive, sustainable investments.

Anyway it’s nice to see that it’s possible to share wants and needs honestly in a safe manner – unlike the London riots in August. The message from Trechinsky is: DO NOT BE AN UNCONSCIOUS CONSUMER and never go full retard.

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