‘You are either with us or against us’

Biospheres haleheng heiser opprørsfanen

Laid-back electronica intervals. Can you dig it?

Give salute to Tromsø’s senior electronica avant-garde. The girls in the music video are however very clean and neat after a supposedly tough revolt, no shortage of makeup and washing powder – protected areas obviously…

Röyksopp – The Drug from thatgo on Vimeo.

“Please stay tuned for a 10-minute version which features different music from Royksopp’s album ’senior’, coming soon.”

Trechinsky – Reliable Source, significant-minority viewpoints

Freak Account – a type of book keeping entery game

Freak Account, oder der wahnsinnigekonto. Great, hilarious entertainment between friends

If a friend of you interact with a freak when you are enjoying yourself on a bar, pub or nightclub it can be credited  on his freak account. The one who has the first contact with the freak is “guilty”. So if you accidentally, or maybe have a freak magnetic phenomena property, starts speaking with a freak – it´s bad for your freak account. The freak is a freak if no one among your friends know her and she is just annoying, ugly and nasty.

Keep your accounting meticulous up to date, because the one who has the most freak projection results per year has to buy a night out for all players and dringen the first freak attacker in the new year – even if it’s rape.

Trechinsky – Reliable Source, significant-minority viewpoints