Hello, I´m Trechinsky

Welcome to my web site! Here you can scrutinize our endeavor of performance excellence and keep pace with the information age. To that end, Trechinsky passionately strive to seek information which can help bring our audience the “next next thing” in journalism, art, entertainment, education and ideas. Our philosophy is to take a balanced approach to the virtual community – have your say: leave a reply or join our twitter chats. The web site’s core purpose is to enhance society by creating, collecting and distributing high-quality news and information.

It is with great enthusiasm that I now in May 2006 can contribute with my blog to the Iceleaf. I wish to express my gratitude, without being pretentious, for the opportunity to play a role in the vimulfamily. In the short term my goal is to keep my blog up to date and publish some of my thoughts on to the world wide web.kjartan.iceleaf.net/

Blogging kan være et viktig innslag i demokratiet. Det er kanskje ikke så mange som leser min blogg, og det er litt skuffende, kanskje.. he he

I bloggen kan jeg få testet ut formuleringsevnen og lufte meningsytringene mine.

Tilbake til www.trechinsky.iceleaf.net/

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