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Goliat – the first oil field in the Barents Sea

Goliat, the new Norwegian 3-billion € oil project, has been approved by Parliament. Traditionaly Goliat (or Goliath) represent paganism, in contrast to David – in other words: the Church’s battle with Satan


Norwegian media consultants in various directorates and public “enterprises” is mostly focused on renewable energy and the nation’s contributions to the technological race against new, clean, global energy resources. Recognized environmental researchers have pointed to these challenges in several decades. Norway’s biggest contribution to the green development, according to the social democratic government (with a bit of green in it – a coalition), is the CO2-capture (storage) technology.

Other nations have laid down significant amount of research on these issues. Among them are Germany and USA. But now these big, influential nations give lower priority to this type of solutions on the climate and economic changes. They prefer to use their energy on development of  new, alternative sustainable energy sources.

But off course – the carbon based fossil energy sources (oil, coal, and gas) will be profitable for many years, especially when the finance crisis and world recession shifts into economic upturn. The Goliat project and other oil production development projects in the vulnerable Barents Sea will secure the Norwegian self-determination and continuation of the expensive welfare society. Some of these potential future profits should be injected into  research and then boosting a more serious, credible attitude towards Norwegians commitment to research on sustainable energy.

It seems a bit prigish to brag about how much money we spend on saving the rainforest, our positive influence on world peace, immoral business practices and financial institutions – while the nation’s real money still lays in the carbon based fossil energy sources. If we don’t succeed with our CO2-capturing (God and David forbid) we still have the European Union Emission Trading System.






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